An Ass in a Lion's Clothing Series I


An Ass in a Lion's Clothing Series 
100% silk twill scarf (90 x 90 cm)
Color: eerie black/caribbean green/celeste/cerulean blue/carnation pink/charm pink/desert/maximum blue purple/...

Designed by Yaw Tony
Ref. : 001-2316-E08585

Many years ago, the region of Kachchha experienced a severe drought. There was a scarcity of water and there was no fodder for cattle. The rivers and the canals were dry. There was no sign of rain.

A shepherd of Kachchha, therefore, decided to migrate. He gathered all his Ass and proceeded towards another place in search of water and fodder. He had to pass through a jungle. The shepherd lost his Ass in the thick forest. Now, it so happened that the animals in the jungle had never seen the Ass before. So they were afraid of this strange animal. The Ass lost his way in the jungle and was moving here and there when he came across the skin of a lion.

The Ass put on the lion’s skin. Now he looked ferocious. When the animals saw him, they shuddered with fear and ran shelter-skelter. Even the lions in the jungle were frightened when they saw the Ass in a lion’s skin. All the animals secretly watched the movements of the Ass in the lion’s skin.

One day, the Ass were wandering on the bank of a stream. The bank was covered with lush green grass. This sight made the Ass’s mouth water and he began to graze. A lion saw the Ass (in the lion’s skin) eating grass. The lion thought, “Why is this lion eating grass? A lion would rather starve to death than eat grass. This can’t be a lion.” Thinking thus, the lion roared loudly. The Ass in the lion’s clothing got frightened and ran for his life. The lion’s skin slipped off his body. The lion realized that the strange animal was not a lion. He immediately pounced on him and killed him.


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