Obiara Wonea Otumino (All existence has that which overpower them), Story III - The Hunter, Lion And Mosquito


Obiara Wonea Otumino (All existence has that which overpower them), Story III - The Hunter, Lion And Mosquito
100% silk twill scarf (90 x 121 cm)
Colour: cyber grape/ghana soil/b'dazzled blue/blast-off bronze/burnt orange/catawba/carrit orange/cerulean blue

Designed by Yaw Tony
Ref. : 001-2316-EC4E03

Original Story and Music by Nana Ampadu.
The Hunter, Lion And Mosquito

One day a lion met with a hunter. Hunter wanted to kill the lion and the lion wanted to kill the hunter too. This was a typical case of natural selection; survival of the fittest. The fight was intense; the hunter wasn’t lucky, and the lion killed the hunter. After that incident the lion gloated, saying “After killing the hunter I am so accomplished, this world is mine for the taking; in this bush everyone already fears me, so if I have killed the hunter then who will I have to fear? And who doesn’t fear me?” So the lion, joyfully on his way to inform his wife of his triumph, encountered something tragic and unexpected; a small mosquito was just on his way about his own business and accidentally entered the nose of the lion. Mosquito was in trouble and so was the lion. The lion did all he could, but Mosquito did not leave his nose; the lion’s nose and head were itching unbearably. At this point, he was frustrated and ran into a tree, knocking his head on the stump; dead. It was not until the lion lay lifeless on the floor, that the mosquito could escape from the lion’s head. When the mosquito discovered that it was because of him that the lion had died, he was jubilant; saying “So all this while, I am powerful enough to kill the lion? Then I will not fear anyone anymore, I am going to inform my wife about this; the world is ours for the taking.” On his way home, he also was not fortunate, he got himself entangled in a spider web; inevitably becoming supper for the spider. As the cobweb boastfully expresses its victory over the mosquito, it dances triumphantly moving from left to right with the help of the wind.
That is how it is in this life; Everyone has a person who can handle him or her.

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