Animal Kingdom Trials


Animal Kingdom
100% silk twill scarf (90 x 90 cm)

Color: alloy orange/cadmium blue/amber/cadmium red/cerulean blue/amazon

Designed by Yaw Tony
Ref. : 001-2316-308F0B

Article 204. The Laws of the Animal Kingdom Chapter I, II,

Original Story “Ampan Dankwa” by Nana Ampadu.

There came a time in the animal kingdom when all animals were authorized to come together to make a life-changing law which was, no animal should eat the other. If anyone went contrary to the law they would be hanged to death. The law was legally drafted for every animal to sign as a form of agreement. During the day of the law-making decision, the Tiger had traveled so they sent the antelope hence he was one of the fastest animals to get to the tiger. The antelope did not disappoint, he delivered the documents to the tiger. As the tiger read through the documents, he released he was greatly affected by the new law. How could he survive, he thought but he had to sign the documents because he was solitary standing. After going through the brutal starvation for months, the tiger was as weak as it could be and there was nothing he could do about it so he did the possibly logic thing to rest and save his energy for another day.

While he was inactive, a deep sleep fell upon him with his mouth wide open. The bat was flying when he saw the tiger helpless on the ground. His first thought was to abuse the new law by jumping up and down the tiger’s throat. He thought wrong because the on his fourth jump he didn’t come back out. The antelope witnessed what had had happened so went to the elders of the kingdom. They called a meeting to confirm what the antelope saw.

All the animals came gathering for a row-call. Opuro (squirrel, the collector) the bookkeeper started by calling out names and if they were present, they responded present. Akura twema (Mouse); present, Abotokura anefi; present, dr. Okusia (Bush Rat); present, judge Adanko (Rabbit); present, Twen Kwabena Agyanka (Cat); present, lawyer Kutadene; present, Owansane

Kwegyan; present, Sisi Kwabrafo; present, Koo Sebo (Tiger); present, 3sereum Sie Gata (Lion); present, 3sono (Elephant); present, Apane dankwa (Bat); no response. He mentioned the name, again and again, no response. He immediately stopped row-calling because they figured out who was missing. The antelope came forward to say they need not to investigate. They should ask the Tiger for he has the most knowledge of what happened to the Bat. The Tiger denied histestimony.

The elders at the panel concluded if that’s what the Tiger is saying, he should be taken to the hospital for an X-ray, better yet to be operated on by Dr. Kusia to clear his name and if Apane dankwa (Bat) is not found in the belly of Tiger, he will be free from all charges. Unfortunately for the Tiger, Dr. Kusia who successfully operated on the Tiger did find out that the Tiger had eaten the bat. How did this come about everyone thought? For an explanation and a fear judgment, they trailed the case at court. His family found him a great representation, lawyer Kutadene to defend him. During the trial, the judge Adanko and the first witness the antelope were ready for his testimony. The Tiger was asked to explain how the Bat got in his stomach. With no hesitation, he started to explain. His lawyer concluded that the Bat had it coming. In his closing argument, he commented his client is not guilty because the Bat saw the Tigers leniency to be his weakness and in the process, he died a foolish death. The juror came back with a verdict which proved the tiger was not guilty.

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