Black Palette – COLour Odyssey (Collection of ourselves) | ARTBook Vol. I

Black Palette – COLour Odyssey (Collection of ourselves) Signed Yaw Tony
Limited Edition
Matte lamination on the outside of 5 different covers Duplex, blind emboss tip on card Book 1: 356 pp square back cased in, blind embossed panel and tip on the card; smyth sew text, apply printed end paper - 2 Versions, H&T bands Book 2: 44pp SC - singer centre sew with purple thread, tipped into the back of the book.
Black Palette – COLour Odyssey – (Collection of ourselves) is an extension of experimental research into paintings and prints in the style of artistic colourful illustrations depicting the extinction of moral stories, fables, parables, adinkra symbols and the rich cultural appropriation of Ashanti people on a western canvas. 
All colours mixed result into black. The removal of black reveals all colours. Therefore, black is the source of the purpose, the potential of all the colours and their pulchritude. The “black” symbolizes the NEEDS in life. The need for questions of life to be answered, the need for self-discovery, the need to understand what love really is and isn’t, etc. Relationships are the key to life. Everything was created (or exists) to relate to something else. “All relationships are based on needs. Everything was created to function by specific predetermined principles. Needs are inherent in a product. These principles of function are called NEEDS. A need is a requirement necessary for effective function. When needs are neglected, relationships are broken. Therefore, failure in life is not a mistake but a result, success in life is not luck but a result.

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