The Forest Deer and The Hemming Bird III - Donkey Night


The Forest Deer and The Hummingbird - Donkey Night
100% silk twill scarf (90 x 90 cm)
Color: dark lava/dark jungle green/firebrick/flirt/deed rebecca purple

Designed by Yaw Tony
Ref. : 01-2316-231C2E
Limited edition of 5

The Forest Deer and the Humming Bird, Original Story “Nsem Keka” by Dr. Paa Bobo

The Hummingbird
A decision that will sadly take a life was made when the tiger decided to lend money to the Hummingbird. Once ago in the animal kingdom, the Hummingbird was friends with the Tiger. A friendship that was undeniably strange but succeeded in various reasons. The Hummingbird asked the Tiger to lend him some money and he will gladly payback when he gets a little bit older. In respect of their friendship, the tiger gave him what he asked for. Day turns into weeks, weeks to months, and months to years but the Hummingbird hasn’t aged a day. The situation slightly threw off the tiger because he couldn’t understand what was happening.

One afternoon, he met Antelope with whom the tiger entrusted his problems with. The Tiger simply explained how bothered he was by the situation and he could tell that he was mentally unstable. The Antelope graced the tiger with laughter and not in a good way. He told the tiger how stupid and ignorant he had been. To shed some light on the situation, the Antelope tells the tiger to visit the home of the Hummingbird and demands to see the father and the mother of the Hummingbird to be a witness as he demands his money. The tiger did exactly that and astonishingly, the father and the mother of the Hummingbird hadn’t aged a day just like their son. His father was even a tat smaller than himself. The Tiger released the Hummingbird was not honest with him so he angrily demanded his money. With no hesitation, the Hummingbird entered his room and brought out what he owed the Tiger. And before the tiger left his compound, he applauded him for figuring out everything. The Tiger couldn’t take all the credit so he voiced out the name of an animal who helped him. Meanwhile, the Antelope and the hummingbird were on one of the closest friends in the Kingdom so the Hummingbird felt betrayed by his actions. As the tiger was leaving, he asked him to give a present to the Antelope for a job well. In the gift box was Kolanuts. Mind you the Antelope has no teeth but the Tiger did not know that. Antelope was one of the animals the Tiger feared in the Kingdom. When the Tiger brought his present for him, he confessed in front of the Tiger that the Hummingbird knows he has no teeth so why would he bring him Kolanuts? The Tiger's fear for the Antelope was no more and all we know is he didn’t live to tell the story. The morals in this story are to mind your own business and don’t contribute or participate in the cattiness of others.

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