Mmara Krado - Symbol of Justice


Mmara Krado - Symbol of Justice
100% silk twill scarf (90 x 90 cm)  Color: cerulean blue/cedar chest/cinnabar/grape/dark slate blue/mark moss green/fire engine red/baby pink/brink pink/eerie black 

Designed by Yaw Tony
Ref. : 0-2316-2B3990

Name/Theme: Mmara krado/Justice and Authority Literal Translation: The padlock of the law (Glover, 1969)

Meaning: Mmara refers to the law that is the rule or set of rules for good behavior, be it moral, religious, or emotional. Krado refers to the padlock, it symbolizes authority. This means the supreme authority vested in someone to fasten or hold in check other people’s behavior, for the good of society. This symbol is also used for the production of adinkra cloth and other traditional prints

Background: The krado has a small detachable lock with a movable semicircular bar at the top, the free end of which is usually passed through a hasp or hand and then locked shut. This was normally used by the law enforcement agencies of the British government and therefore suggests the society’s involvement with the natives. The universe is governed by statutes, natural and spiritual laws. Every community is guided by laws and regulations. This is done to protect and shape the conduct of its citizens to bring about sanity. The Akan practice of oath swearing gives credence to the concept of law and justice. This practice consists of forbidden words among a clan, which is invoked in demand for justice. Punishment is meted out to offenders if found culpable, by both authorities and the ancestors.  

Moral Value: This symbol signifies supreme authority, justice, and equality of everybody before the law. The symbol stresses the importance of enforcing and abiding by rules and regulations in order to bring sanity in all communities. This is a symbol of authority and justice.

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