Pure Gold With Purple Tread



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Pure Gold With Purple Tread
100% silk twill scarf (90 x 90 cm)
Color: tangerine yellow/russian violet 

Designed by Yaw Tony
Ref. : 001-2316-EDB22E 


Aboa kokosakyi kasa kyere obanukyérefo a, ote.

When the vulture gives the hyena advice, he heeds it. Kokosakyi. Also opete and akrampa, the vulture.

Obonukyerefo. Also called pataku, the hyena. The saying is based on the following story. The mother of the hens died and all his friends assembled to take part in the funeral custom. Day after day passed and still the body remained unburied, and the mourners began to feel the pangs of hunger. The hyena alone seemed to remain plump and fat and in no hurry to bring the obsequies to an end by allowing the body of his mother to be buried. Now the reason was that he was all the time visiting the spot where the corpse was and eating some of it. The vulture, which had been attracted by the smell, had seen all the hyena was doing, and on the mourners again pressing the hyena to bury the body, and on his again refusing to do so, drew him aside and told him he had seen all that was going on, where upon the hyena, fearing disclosure, quickly agreed to bury the body. The saying means that two persons of similar natures and tastes soon mutually  understand each other.

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